Multiprodukt, vad är det?

Multi product, what is it?

You may have read here and there about products that work on more than one surface of the body. We call those products "multi-products".

For a product to be classified as a multi-product, it must function to be used in at least two places on the body. It can be anything from hair, skin, face, nails and beard.

Under our "Multicare" collection, three of our products fall crystal clear under the heading. Cactus oil, argan oil and the lip balm.


The product can be used on: 

Cactus Oil

  • Face 
  • Beard
  • Point processing (face)
  • Body (scars, eczema)

Argan oil

  • Hair
  • Face
  • Body

Lip Balm

  • Lips
  • Palm
  • Foot sole

With a multi-product, you kill two problems with one stone!


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