5 tips för effektiv använding av Hammam Handske Kessa

5 tips for effective use of Hamam Gloves Kessa


  1. Moisturizing Preparation: Before using your Kessa, make sure you have had a warm shower or bath to soften the skin and open the pores. Steam and moisture facilitate the removal of dead skin cells and promote more effective exfoliation.

  2. Gentle Circular Motion: Use the Kessa glove in gentle, circular motions over the skin. Avoid pressing too hard, especially if it's your first time. A gentle and regular movement will help remove dead skin cells and promote blood circulation, which can provide fresh and radiant skin.

  3. Focus on Problem Areas: If you have areas with uneven skin or the presence of dryness, focus extra on these areas. The Kessa Glove is great for targeting specific concerns, and regular use can help improve skin texture and elasticity over time.

  4. Follow-up with Moisturizing: After using the Kessa glove, rinse the skin thoroughly and apply a moisturizing lotion or oil. Exfoliation can make skin more susceptible to moisture, and this step helps restore skin's moisture balance, leaving it silky smooth and hydrated.

  5. Regular Use: For best results, use the Kessa glove regularly, but in moderation. One to two times a week is usually enough to maintain healthy and radiant skin. Overuse can lead to hypersensitivity or irritation, so always listen to your skin and adjust use as needed.

By following these tips, you can maximize the effectiveness of your Kessa glove and enjoy renewed, healthy skin with each use.

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